Wednesday, November 09, 2005

So, yesterday, I was kept awefully busy with two notions...

1.) Is it wrong that 'Estranged' is my favorite part of the GNR Trilogy? Is it bad that I like a song where someone dies and someone else goes mental rather than the other 3, yes there are three others with the alternative lyrics to 'Don't Cry', which are just basically sappy love songs?

CONCLUSION: It's not like someone really died and it's a really good song for someone who likes unhappy endings with a lot of suffering.

2.) I don't have any ugly friends. This caused me to bust out pictures and think a lot. I couldn't come up with one single, unattractive person I commiserate with, and this isn't even a situation when only I think they're attractive. My people are a pretty bunch and loved by all, although we do seem to get stranger and stranger with every passing moment.

CONCLUSION: I should probably find at least one unattractive person to hang out with, even if it only makes me look better.

There was a 3rd thought that kept me occupied for a while while watching '50 First Dates'. It occured to me that I don't think I could have sex with dolphins in the room. I don't think I could take having their beedy little eyes watching. I live in WI so this is not likely to happen except for maybe on a dare or something like that and then that would lead to breaking and entering at the Zoo and knowing my friends, someone would let the monkeys out, someone would want to poke a badger with a would be chaos.

CONCLUSION: Although, not likely to come up, no sex for me when there are dolphins in the vicinity.


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