Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Lost Thoughts...

I love this picture. I took it at the Wormsloe Plantation/Historic site in Savannnah, GA.

This is all stuff I had written down since November 11th, 2005, but never got around to blogging until now. It was scattered all over the place and I was basking in laziness. Back on task now though...Enjoy!

NOV. 11, 2005
*Run all over the house lookin' for CDR with my 'Kissyface' picture on it. Can't find it anywhere. Think picture is gone forever.
*Run all over lookin' for CDR with 'CandleSmokeInRain' mp3 on it. Can't seem to find this one either. There is another copy, but it's downstairs in the Amityville room and that's just too scary to deal with right now.
*House too big. Out of breath. Give up search.
*Send picture of samauri kittens to BEG.
*Take pictures of self. Am so purrrty!
*Send picture of self to hubby. Think the file might be too big for his Treo. Maybe he won't get it.
*Cannot wait for lasagna to get done. I am so hungry.
*Consider going to talk to 'The Puppy' about his future living arrangements and see if he got a job yet. Too weakened from hunger to walk that far. Could call, but phone also too far away.
*Cook lasagna! Cook!
*Decide to watch Closer.
*Freak out at a commercial where Christians are hawking Strawberry Shortcake merchandise (Christian Family Store - This really seems to bother me in more ways than one.
*Friggin' John Stamos on ER! What the hell? Why do I still continue to watch this show? Oh, yeah. It's because at any moment, anyone, for instance John Stamos cans how up as anything, for instance a paramedic as in the case of Stamos. John Stamos as a paramedic! It's genius! They'll make millions!
*Consider all other John Stamos mockery ala Nick Swardson's hilarious funeral plans. Great plan Nick!
*I hate the starfield screen-saver on my PC right now.
*Love that Mekhi Pfiefer's character on ER can give a lecture to someone failing to fulfill their community service while trying to save the life of a rescue worker shot by a rapist kidnapper! Brilliant!
*BTW: Closer is quite the beautiful disaster. Two thumbs up to Ms. Portman and Mr. Owen. As per usual, Mr. Law's performance was a little bit lacking.
*Chili from TLC as naughty nurse on 'That 70's Show' hitting on Hyde. What's up with TV tonite?

NOV. 15, 2005
*It's my brother Tummy's 21st birthday and the little bastard did not even go out. What kind of bullshit is that. I don't care if he has to get up early for work. He's getting to be so responsible and it just baffles me!
*Some psychic blogged to BEG that she's doomed. She is not doomed. I think the psychic is doomed and I'm not even psychic enough to know what I'll be doing ten minutes from now. Some day she will tell that to the wrong person and not be psychic enough to see the ass-beating coming her way.
*BEG don't listen to this woman.
*Why am I watching 'MASH'?
*We need to get The Movies video game. It would be friggin' brilliant!
*Decide to make brownies.
*Brownies finally in oven. Only 28 minutes to go.
*Have to calm Bitty Belle. Angus stole her rawhide.
*Try to come up with way to creatively celebrate hubby's new job. Can't think of anything clever.
*There's nothing on TV...ever!
*The brownies did not turn out well. They're burned and hard as a rock. Dammit!

NOV. 17, 2005
*Decide to watch 'I Love the 80's - 1987" on VH1.
*Ooh! Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam! Excellent tune-age!
*I love it when they talk to Juliet Lewis about Lisa Lisa and then she sings 'All Cried Out'. I think I will watch just about anything in which Juliet Lewis says the phrase SLOW JAM.
*Mina just jumped up on my lap. She's all cuddly and purring. She must not hate me too much right this second. I must have something she wants. Maybe she's hungry.
*Download Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam's best from Kazaa Lite (All Cried Out / Can You Feel the Beat / Head to Toe / If I Take You Home / Lost in Emotion).
*Brett Michaels doesn't know what he's talking about...ever!
*Lisa Lisa rules!
*I'm such a geek!
*Maybe I'll go look for my Pogo Ball and totally rock out.
*There is nothing on TV tonite. There isn't anything on...ever...except for 'LOST' and that's pretty much just the same episode filmed over and over again from different angles and viewpoints. It could go on that way forever.
*Baffled by VH1's 'I Love the Holidays'. Looks entertaining enough, but does VH1 have to love everthing all the time? Be more creative VH1 people! Eventually, they will run out of normal shit to love and talk about and they will have to do shows like 'I love...Snack Chips'. Hal Sparks and Michael Ian Black can argue like they do about which is better...Munchos or Pringles. They could have a heated debate about chips with ridges and a dip montage with close-up shots of stirring and pouring dip. Hal Sparks or possibly Mo Rocca could lovingly fondle a jar of Ruffles onion dip.
*Other 'I Love the...' possibilities...'I Love the Soup' or 'I Love the Natural Disasters' although me and BEG could handle that one all on our own with all the CNN coverage we watched over the summer. Go Katrina...she kept us occupied for like two weeks.
['I Love the 80's - 1988' just started]
*I think Mike Tyson just told a reporter that someone was trying to scoop out his brain. He has one? Tyson freaks me out because he will hit or bite the ear off of anyone for just about any reason.
*Rick Astley scared the be-jesus out of me! He's like a creepy, freckled, red-headed alien creature. Did he go back into space? Is that why he's been absent from the music scene since 1988? Oh no, wait, it's because he sucked and scared the be-jesus out of everyone.
*It totally smells like barbeque sauce in here.
*Still wondering how much that had to pay Lionel Ritchie to do his little make-out songs of...speel. He's so condesending and pissy about it. Can you feel the love? I know I can.
*What the hell happened to poor Kari Wuhrer? Why is she on 'General Hospital' now? What happened to her career?
*I swear to god Michael Hutchence was Jim Morrison's replacement. He was all slithery and beautiful.
*I miss PSAs like they did in the 80's. Where is Ed Asner now when someone is illiterate?
*I keep seeing the commercial for the new Trojan Elexa line of products and it's really freaking me out. They actually have female cleansing wipes, which I imagine are like the little wipes they give you when you have to pee in a cup and no one wants to smell like that down there. And doesn't the idea of needing something like that, something that portable make you think that Trojan just wants you to fuck all the time? Like in bus stations and bar bathrooms? And doesn't that kind of negate the need for cleanliness? So what's the point? Alternately, if using this product I think you should be warey of short skirts and such. The wipes probably smell like diaper wipes and someone might think there's a baby in the bar. This smell doesn't breed temptation.
*Who's the boss? Everyone's the boss! Springsteen is the boss.
*Glory Days ruined my urge to be patriotic in any way. Damn you Springsteen!
*BEG still has my 80's CD set with Terence Trent Darby's Wishing Well on it. Damn her! Will I ever see it again? She's actually had it for almost a year.
*Eddie Money is still alive?
*ER will be on soon. I wonder if John Stamos will be on there again.
*Kiera Knightly should be shot out of a cannon into a brick wall. She has no business being in Pride & Prejudice. Someone should have stopped her after Bend It Like Beckham, which is a movie I love being a soccer fan/player and all, but come on. She can barely act and she's like a skeleton. I think from now on when she does a movie she should be listed as Kiera Knightly's skeleton in the credits.
*God the back of my leg itches! Damn Nair burns!
*Stamos is on ER again. I'm glad to see he had work.
*Grr. Argh. I miss my mutant enemy.
*Search hard drives for my 'Kissyface' picture. My fingers are crossed.
*Stamos' ER character is a little bastard. I hope Neela hits him soon. Someone should hit him.
*I talked to KinkyPoe on the the phone for a really long time today. I haven't done that in like a millenia. I hope her cell bill won't be too bad from all the time.
*Hard drive search for 'Kissyface' picture ended with no results. Dammit! Where did it go?
*Ellen Degeneres has no business being in a commercial with Snoop Dogg and David Bowie.
*Retry search for that damned picture. It has to be somewhere.
*Motherfucker! It's cold outside. Brrr! I hate WI weather. It'll be different ten minutes from now, but it will still suck...or freeze you to death before you have any idea it's coming.
*Angus is licking the coffee table. Apparently he enjoys lemon Pledge.
*ER has a plane crash. Plane crashes are much better on a deserted island, or not-so deserted island like on 'LOST'. It's not-so convincing on ER.
*Woman apparently loves a man who can cook. Hell, I'd be happy just to be without the fire paranoia I'm stricken with every time I see hubby touching a pan. Not to mention the idea of not having to clean up the kitchen afterwards. But then again that would be Khrysten loves a man who can clean up after him self because she is neither his mother or his maid.
*'I Shot John Lennon' - Brilliant! Next week we'll talk to the french bathtub that had a hand in Jim Morrison's death and sample the sandwich that killed Mama Cass. Yeah, I know it wasn't the sandwich that killed her...just the thousand or so she devoured over the course of her big, fat life. I love Cass Elliot, don't get me wrong, but the sandwich didn't help.
*Neela needs to get out of the burning building. This is the sort of scenario that very nearly always ends in death and she can't die now that she's been all hottied up. I love Parminder Nagra...of course this would all lead us right back to Bend It Like Beckham and my problems with Kiera Knightly.
*Jexebelle is always so happy. Her tail never stops wagging.
*Neela's cutting open Stamos. I wonder which way this'll go.
*I'm totally waiting for U2 to start behaving like The Rolling Stones did when they were all played out, so they can resurface with a kick-ass album and tour instead of continuing to do all this lame shit they've been doing for the last decade. Although I don't know how well the world would react to Bono covering a song with David Bowie.
*'Medium' in 3D? Does everything have to be in 3D now? Isn't Patricia Arquette big and scary enough when she's flat on the TV screen?

NOV. 20, 2005
*Howie Day's Collide is really friggin' depressing.
*I am gonna make myself a most bittersweetly, amusing mix CD and then I'm gonna have to copy it for everyone I know. Wow! This is hard.
*I am totally suffering from the infamous I-Just-Came-From-The-Bar/Pool Hall syndome and I keep sticking my lighter in my pocket so no one will steal it which is amusing since I am the only one here. Putting my lighter in my pocket in bars also makes men behind me look at my ass. I'm sneaky like that. I look all sweet and innocent but really I'm like the devil and no one ever sees it coming. This also comes in handy when dealing with men at car dealerships.
*I swear to god, friggin' Napolean Dynamite is completely responsible for my new addiction to the song 'I Promise you I will' by OMD. This song is so sweet. I swear if you are a boy out there and you feel this way about me, start spilling your guts now. If you can't find the words, go gibberish so I can at least get in a good laugh before I realize what's going on. Actually, I imagine right this very second there's an army of men chargind at me salivating and driven like the savages in the Capital One no hassle commercials. Just kidding. I have a high opinion of myself, but not that high.

NOV. 21, 2005
*Homer just yelled at Snowball, "Hey cat, get your own pants!" because she was sleeping on his pants when he was trying to put them on. It makes me think of Boo and how every morning the little bastard has to sit right down and get all comfy on the clothes I intend to put on and how he's so fat. Boo's a tubby boy.
*I love 'The Simpsons'. Homer is smoking a stick of butter and Bart and Lisa just found out that Snowball has a whole second family. She's like a polygamist cat.
*Anna Farris is such a whore! She'll do anything on camera for money. And the trouble with that is that she can't be making all that much from her choices in jobs.
*Just invented the word 'Happification''s the process of being 'Happified' or getting happy.

NOV. 28, 2005
*Both BEG and I are bothered by Art Garfunkel's son looking like him and being named Paul Simon Garfunkel. It's Really unnerving if you think about it too much.
*Gouchos are like Rosario Dawson. They're really starting to grow on me.
*BEG and I suffer from the same high levels of temporary retardation.
*Monkees are awesome!


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