Sunday, November 13, 2005

Stray Weekend Thoughts


*Bobby Hill is such a lazy little bastard
*Brrr! It's cold up in here!
*Think about the phrase 'African-American'
*Call BEG
*BEG declared that I want to be the queen of blog
*Just yelled, "I have 62 blogs going and 1 jahad!"
*BEG replied, "I wish I had a jahad going." Then she declared a holy war against her cat, Mister and the executives at FOX for cancelling all the good shows [Explan: FOX canceled "Arrested Development", which is just the lastest in shows they've canned that we actually loved and watched faithfully and also own on DVD]


*My hands smells like pennies
*Read Thomas' Nov. 12, 2005 editorial on Pretty entertaining. Writers are missing again. I love Thomas and the trouble that whole crew gets into.
*Have dicussion with hubby about religious fanatics and some guy he works with.
*Hubby playing Gran Turismo 4. I hate Van Halen's Panama.
*Out of nowhere, hubby says, "I can't believe he's a fuckin' delivery guy!" really angrily. I say, "Who?" but then I realize he's talking about college boy across the street with the black Corvette. Hubby is so strange sometimes.
*I have nothing to do.
*I have quarter-size insect bite marks on both of the tops of my ankles and my socks are making them itch. [Explan: These bites are from those Japanese Beetles, which now with the weather change have moved into the house]
*Decide after seeing bites on both ankles all red and puffy from my socks rubbing on them that I may have the stigmata.
*Conclude that if I have the stigmata, God is totally firing someone right now and he's not being a very nice god about it.
*Have vision of a guy in a heavenly office building calling God, Mr. Boss-man and angels gathered around the water cooler making fun of Jesus and how he's lazy and stupid and only has a job there because he's God's son. Hilarious!
*Hubby needs life insurance
*Very, very windy outside. Really noisy. [Exlplan: We had wind advisories all night]
*Am so sleepy.
*Think one of the voices in my head might have Tourette's. Either that or my vocal chords no longer function and I cannot speak.
*No. Can still speak. Told hubby the noise in his video game is irritating.
*This sux!


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