Friday, December 02, 2005

So, I have apparently lost all interest in this Christmas party, not that I really ever had any to begin with. I imagine it's basically just an excuse to get totally loaded and be fiesty all night...and I'm still having nightmares about the last one I went to (Hubby had a chubby, sweaty boss then and he had his necktie tied around his head like a sweatband ala Adrian Zmed in Bachelor Party and he dragged me onto the dance floor and proceeded to dance like a psycho to Billy Idol's 'Dancin With Myself'). Hubby is so pepped up for it that every ten seconds he rethinks or reminds him self of 'The Schedule'. He even went out and got some fancy pants hotel for us to stay the night in. I think he's trying to be romantic meaning he thinks it will get him some quality naked time or some shit. He's such a freak, and if this is what he's doing it isn't having any sort of effect on me. I love getting naked and wrapping my long limber body around another warm piece of flesh, but give me a break! My brain is unable to process this shit like a normal person (This group of normal people also does not involve my two best friends/parteners in crime, the other two legs of the tripod). I don't get anything from a guy being shcmaltzy. It actaully freaks me out a little. I got off more on the fight we had last night about him telling me what to do and when was I going to bother myself to do the dishes because I can't be doing dishes on his time. That was hot, of course me and hubby both have bad tempers and fight like latin men all heated and such. We provoke each other and things get knocked over or just plain broken. We both love a fight and can argue about almost anything. He is a republican and I am a democrat. We damned near kill each other during an election year and so far, there have been to goes at that in the time we've been together. I think if we had a threesome we would fight over third person X, causing he/she to flee from the room in terror, and then we would just tear each other apart. He loves the suck suck noise my back makes on the coffe table (Sorry, Rose) when he throws me down on it. We are one of, if not the most volatile couple on the planet and it's fucking awesome!


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