Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ferris...You're My...Hero

(Ala Cameron in the movie Ferris Beuller's Day Off)

I love BEG. She's my own peronsal sunshine! Adrianna, you're my hero.

As you can see, BEG was not available for any photo-taking due to the fact that she is at home in The Great White North, and my digi camera zoom does not reach that far. I know what she looks like though. So, instead, please enjoy this art I made called 'Psychedelic Nipple'.

Some time ago now, BEG sent me this Big Damn Heros movie ( with these two, crazy boys that me and Adrianna could literally be if we were of the opposite sex (Of course, being the girls we are, I think we would still be more manly than they are). I leave the e-mail hanging in my inbox read, but without opening the link for like four days until she finally says something about it again. When she does and gets shitty in only that way she can like she's trying to hide disappointment in me (BEG, even you know you do this), I finally opened the link and watched the movie. One of the boys in the movie is named Loren and he is such a cutie (He has a girl's name so it's pretty much like the Lindsay Buckingham/Stevie Nicks thing). I left a comment on the site about this very thing thinking nothing of it (I think BEG called me something like out-of-control or a freak, but it was just some term of endearment). Keep in mind, this is a very me thing to do. People should feel good. Compliments are for everyone deserving and I am brutally honest. I went on about my business after this thinking really nothing of it cause what else was I supposed to think or do? Then out of nowhere I get an e-mail from the guy. It was hilarious. Thanks to me he googled Wisconsin to find out more about this state or as he calls it this strange and foriegn land. He regailed me with the knowledge that the robin is the state bird (I have lived here all my life and did not know that). I was amazed. I replied to his e-mail, but then didn't get a reply, so I blew it off after only a short while. Last night I get another e-mail from him. Once again I was impressed with the way this guy just is. He's so there. In my head I liken him to Jim Morrisson. I imagine him to be slithery and beautiful. This is hot. I mention this to her and then read her the second e-mail he'd sent, verbatim. Today, I go to see if he's blogged lately cause I haven't really checked in with anyone other than the two legs of 'The Tripod' in a while and see that he has and that she has commented on it. Hmm. Strange. I read the comment she left which has her basically trying to convince him I'm totally not a psycho but doing it like I am actually a psycho and she's covering for me, like we're codependent ( It's like she's mothering me and making excuses for me, which she would do under any circumstance, even in the case of my turning into a zombie. She would just tether me in her garage (with rope, I think. I'm pretty sure as a Zombie, I could chew through rope or a common leash) and stick a TV in front of me and everyday after work she would come see me in the garage and we would play video games just like in the movie Shaun of the Dead (Sorry for that if you haven't seen it yet, but really, if you've seen one zombie movie you've seen them all. No one does anything original anymore. Shaun of the Dead is no different. Holy crap, did I get off topic on that one...commence return to original point as though nothing has happened). This also puts a smile on my face.

Adrianna, once again, you are my hero, my sunshine, my co-dependant cracker-bitch partner in crime.

We have a truly sick relationship but I wouldn't have it any other way.


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