Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Menagerie...Part Deux

I worked on the new couch's slip-covering yesterday on no sleep at all. I got all three cushions covered, and then after having been awake for something like 65 hours (don't be alarmed by this, I never Samara Morgan, except not as creepy), I promptly fell asleep on the new couch. It's pretty comfy.

I have finally gotten some sleep now (about six hours), but I'm still not rested enough. My reflexes are still a little lacking and I keep dropping stuff (I probably still shouldn't be operatiing heavy machinery like the car). Hopefully the couch work will continue on today though.

Anyway, I took some new pictures of the pets...'cause they're so friggin' adorable and all, and sometimes they just do cute things.


BOO (aka The Notorious B.O.O)

The true fattness that is BOO! Yes, he weighs 50 lbs.





Blogger Ms_S1n1n said...

BOO is awesome! 50 pounds? sheeeesh! I have a fat cat similiarly colored but not nearly as shiny. He's half stray half English Blue. Big ole head and big ole attitude. In my opinion, all cats should be fat and Garfield like.

4:08 PM  
Blogger IvoryValentine said...

BOO is awesome. He's a Maine Coon and thus is why he is so big. He is slightly larger than the vet declared he would be when he was a kitten with gigantic feet, but he's solid. The little neighbor girl loves to play with him and when she tries to lift him she basically drags his back feet across the floor cause he outwieghs her by 9 lbs. I wanted a big cat though. I had a Rusian Blue at my mothers and she's real petite. BOO definitely lived up to my expectations! Walter is an Turkish Angora and weighs 33 pounds so he's also kind of big. He's taller than Boo though.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Ms_S1n1n said...

A Maine coon...will remember that. Not wishing my precious Tobias death...but he is getting old and I HAVE to have a cat around. The bigger the better.

8:43 PM  

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