Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Work in Progress...

So, I have been decorating and redecorating and plotting and scheming (BEG has been in on this too since she's brilliant and creative). I was working on my front doorway (I have a lot of front doors so there is some space in between them), which was one of the areas affected by the old roof's water leak and has some water damage from before we moved in, my foyer and staircase area which I hadn't really done anything with since we moved in over a year ago (I had properly hung curtains over the large curved window and had made a pad for the window seat of the same window), my living room and my dining room which now has my dining room table in it (Up until New Year's Eve the table had been stored and went unused in the rec room)

Thus far, it's coming along nicely. The front doorway is finished, although, I may repaint it because I dont' know how crazy I am about the current green. I think it should be pale pinkish to offset the green. Also, I should probably stop using it for storage of canned beverages. Here's pics...

The reason there are two oval rugs on the floor is that this space has many angles (old Queen Anne style house) and it's awkward in measurement. I like this rug but the larger version was too big to fit into the space. I do plan to sew them together and tape them down...when I get around to it.

The front door window curtain used to be a Martha Stewart decorator table cloth and table topper. I found it on clearance for $3 at Kmart last weekend and couldn't resist the challenge of turning it into a curtain, especially since it matched so well with everything else I had already gotten for the space, not to mention it was just the one window which is rather small in comparison to all the other windows in my house and the cloth was big enough to work with. The ceiling light sconce has also been changed to something more tolerable and the ancient lightbulb has been replaced with a 60 watt flourescent spiral the lighting doesn't suck anymore.

Anway, I am also almost done with the creation of the dining room. Although most of the walls are still primer white and I can't thus far decide between soft, pale green or light butter yellow for the walls. Here's some pics of the room in progress...

This picture has hubby in it. He has a thing for posing strangely near the fireplace. Anyway, this pic is only being posted because 'The Face in the Mirror' has made another appearance. Damn ghosts! [BEG, if you can't see it, it's on the right side of the mirror in the picture where it always is]

We've gotten a new area rug. The dining table chair seats have been recovered. Actually, there's some other stuff that has been added and finished since these pictures were taken a couple days ago as well. I will post new pictures when it is all finished though.

I also changed the lightbulbs in both chandeliers, which was no easy feat. Apparently they used to have crappy 25 watt chandelier bulbs in them. Now they each have 4-60 watt GE Reveal bulbs in them and they are super bright. More light makes them more tolerable...but I still hate them.

The living room area still hasn't even really gotten anything done yet, other than my continuing effort to continue and finish primering all the walls. We did buy a new couch last weekend, which is now being stored and unused in the rec room so I can get the slip-covers done (I have dogs...slip-covers are necessary).

So, all in all, it's still a work in progress all in an effort to be ready for the Tour of Historic Homes next fall. Yes, I live in a Historic home and it's big and fancy-pants and if I had it my way I'd go funky art gallery style...but I do have to contend with hubby, the time period in which the house was built and the damn people in charge of the tour...thus the new English Country/English Garden motiff we're working on!

BTW: I have posted a new 'Dammit, Dick!' on Read it, it's funny!


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