Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Hair Catastrophe of POST 50...

Or Why You Shouldn't Trust Hot Topic Employees...

Not a happy camper...

So, at the suggestion of Sin (Yes, this is what I call you cause it's easier than trying to pronounce all those 1's you got in there.) I decided that my hair should be pink and I set out to find Manic Panic hair dye. This was no easy feat to begin with.
First, I am 26 and 1/2 years old and have not touched MP in like a decade, having switched to an actual hair-dresser to have my hair dyed bizarrely...and well. Secondly, I live in a very black-oriented area...I would imagine the dark folk have no need for Manic Panic...not when they can just buy funky colored hair and have it weaved in (Most of the women in my neighborhood are black and have very short hair for this very reason). Third, there was a lot of guff from hubby who thinks wanting to dye my hair pink is my way of rebelling against something (This was the same guff I got last weekend when I decided I should be blonde).
Let me tell ya, I have nothing to rebel against anymore. I rebelled enough in my younger days and have very much earned my freedom from the norm. I have actually prepared a list of reasons to give him now whenever he thinks I'm doing something to be rebellious.
Anyway, I couldn't seem to locate Manic Panic in my general area and was about to give up when hubby decided he wanted to go to the mall/Sears for an air hammer. I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to see if the Hot Topic had Manic Panic (I thought they did, but couldn't remember and then their website wasn't working for the most part so I still couldn't really figure it out).

So, we head out to the mall. Sears did not have an air hammer good enough for hubby and this made him angrier than it should have, but then again, he does have a tendency to stress out and overreact to damned near everything that isn't going exactly the way he wanted it to. I declared 'Hot Topic' and we fled Sears in search of the dark hovel where I have spent much money (enough for them to get more and better lighting...not that they have). We get there and HT Boy told me that they had it and directed me to the case and the girl behind the counter. Unfortunately, all the MP they had was blue and purple.

Counter girl suggested RAW hair dye in Candy Pink. She also declared that it was better than Manic Panic and that she had used it more than MP. Stupidly...I took her word for it...and also bought numerous other things like the RAW White Out bleach kit, a Hoodybag, Superman belt buckle (hubby's idea), belt to go with it, and a 'Punisher' decal for the bug sheild on hubby's gigantic truck (which by the way, I recently got to move twice and was also not an easy feat). After that, we left the mall and hit Home Depot in search of the perfect air hammer, which was also not found there although one was purchased and the fence gate has now been lowered so Jezebelle cannot escape and then we went to the grocery store.

Got home, and was expecting to find that my mother and brother had already arrived...but they hadn't so we unloaded the groceries and I made Chili and numerous other things. Then finally they got here and me and mum started the hair processing extravaganza.

First, there was the RAW White Out. We followed all the directions exactly including keeping the hair dryer on my head for a whole hour (this was like being on a helicopter). This product worked very well. It lightened and evened out the color excellently. I would recommend this kit to anyone it worked so well.

Next was the dye. The instructions were a little bit of a pain in the ass and specific but not really. They were followed properly as well, but this process did not end well as seen in the above picture.

My hair, which is hair that cannot be killed is perfectly fine. However the color as seen above is not good, not the color it was supposed to be and certainly not even remotely even. I literally could have gotten the same or even better results dying my hair with Kool-Aid (Yes, for all of you that are going, "What?", it can be done)...and the entire process would have smelled better!

Then today, I was poking around on the internet and found a bunch of reviews on the dye. Apparently it's only marketed by Hot Topic and no one seems to have any luck with the particular color that I used...not that the other colors are without their faults, 'cause they all seem to have problems so far as reveiws go. Reading these reviews just made me want to go back to Hot Topic and bitch-slap the counter girl. I refrain from doing this only because all the reviews I read of this color dye say that it will be gone without staining by the fourth wash. So, if by the end of the week the blotchy pink isn't gone, then there might be some smack-down...and I think I might take some of my homies with me!

In other strangeness...
My mother called me last week to see if I wanted copies of some pictures she got from my grandmother (her mother, the nazi grandma). I was busy so I really didn't want to talk or deal with it so I was just like, "Yeah, copy whatever ones you think I should have!" But since this is my mother we're talking about she had to hang on the phone and tell me what every single on of them was...not that I cared or had the time right that second...until she mentions that she also has some pictures from 1965 when she was in Vogue magazine. I was all, "What...what are you talking about?" Then there was a brief explanation which really wasn't helping stop the flow of questions in my mind. It was apparently some junior-bride thing and the photos were taken at one of my great aunt's weddings. How is it that I, a female, managed to live twenty-six and a half years without knowing my mother was in Vogue...even if she was only 6 years old at the time? You'd think she might have mentioned this at some point, especially since my uncle used to do shoots for Seventeen when I was younger and he was less gay than he is right now. The strange shit you learn about your family...
The momma in her Vogue spread.
As we can see, I am not quite as well-behaved in wedding attire as The Momma is. Of course, I was also younger and Nazi-Grandma taught me to make funny faces whenever there was a camera pointed in my direction. BTW: This was when I was the glower girl in my insane (yes, she's actually had 2 or 3 breakdowns) godmother's wedding.
Secondly, there was a gigantic, very wayward turtle in my yard on Thursday afternoon. I don't know what the hell it was doing in my yard in the first place since I have no water or anything like that for it. Also, it was quite a ways away from water being a slow-moving turtle and all and I live four blocks off Lake Michigan. BEG named it 'Manny' from far away in The Great White North. Of course she also thinks it was a gift of love left for me by The Concrete Guy. She may or may not blog about this. I don't really know at this point. Anyway, there's some debate as to how it got into my yard and why the hell wasn't it hybernating. Some think it was here the whole winter and that The Concrete Guy disturbed it and wrecked its home. I think that it just crawled in when the gate was open. Who knows.
And 3rd...We're now playing a life-size, reality version of 'Where's Waldo' since Shortleash seems to have gone missing. Miss Maddy and her mommy are around, however Miss Maddy's Daddy's truck has not come back home since Tuesday morning. Trouble in paradise? I think so, but since I'm not about to get in the middle of it, I haven't gone over there to find out what's up. If I do figure out anything, there might be more on this later.


Blogger Black Eyed Gurl said...

Wow that pink sucks! Sorry 'bout that! Maybe we should call up Pink Hart and ask her what she used to use. Damn her for taking our Cary!!
I hope they didn't kill Manny and make him into turtle soup. Wendi eats turtles, I called her evil.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Ms_S1n1n said...

Pheew..for a second there I thought the manic panic did that to you.
I apologize for my initial reaction to the picture and opening statement, but thank you for the great laugh. It wasn't an evil cackle or anything I swear =)

No Hot Topic hair dye. Mental not to self...
And pink hair can just be fun(not in your case, sorry) rebellion necessary.

The 1's in my nick are just i's.

11:57 AM  
Blogger Black Eyed Gurl said...

I forgot to say, you're momma is so cute!!!

When your husband gets rich enough to support us both, or when UI find someone dumb enough to marry me (and make me a housewife) I'll dye my hair crazy wacky colors too and we can scare the general populace together!

1:31 PM  
Blogger Wally Banners said...

I think you look hot and suckable!:)

4:15 PM  
Blogger EuroYank said...

Great pic. now I know which one the doggie is!

10:33 AM  
Blogger IvoryValentine said...

BEG - Don't we already scare the general popolace while a hair or not? The momma was cute and it's proof she has always looked like her and that we have never looked alike even one bit. Also, Wendi, whose name I have correctly spelled for the first time, make sure you show her, should not be eating turtles under any circumstances! It's just wrong and you can tell her or let her read that I said that as I imagine she is lurking somewhere near you right this very minute.

SIN - Sorry about that. I guess I should have started off with something like 'The Manic Panic is not responsible for this', but I was on the anger train. I wouldn't have blamed you though either way. Sometimes things just end badly even when a lot of time has been spent and the instructions were followed exactly. The pink that is here is on it's way out though, so that's a good thing.

WB - Not sure what to make of 'Suckable'. Are we talkin' vampirical activity? Send details to

Euro - Are you just being pricky? Do you have some kind of issue with me? Can't tell what your deal is. Might want to also send details to

2:11 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

'hot and suckable' ??? jeez, smoove like buttah, that one.

2:41 AM  
Anonymous Twiggy said...

Hi...don't know if you get on your page anymore but...reguarding your dying your hair with RAW White-out Bleach...what color did you have before you bleached hair is a mixture of light brown and faded black...if I were to use a bottle of this product do you think it would come out well...or would it be faulty...just wanting your me at

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your hair probobly just didnt take to SE too well, it does better on my hair than yours and even better on my cousin (who actually used candy pink btw) She applied it once and lasted completely vibrant for over 3 months.

No blaming HotTopic for your type =P SE isn't a HotTopic brand anyway, it's like blaming Wallmart for the l'oreal they sold you not working.


4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, i have a question, i have dark brown hair and the tips are black and i want to dye it blonde so I was going to try that raw dye kit, my hair is to my shoulders but it is really thick, how many kits did it take to bleach your hair? i was wondering if I would need to buy two or even three, my email is

2:13 PM  
Blogger Leah said...

Yeah, I have a completely unused bottle of Candy Pink I'm planning to pawn off to someone for $7 or so.haha.

But I'm glad that's good bleach. i bought it a while ago, and my friend asked if I could bleach and dye her hair for her. I said sure but I was apprehensive about the bleach ahha.

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

I want to thank you so very much! I looked all over the internet on reviews for Hot Topic's hair dyes. Firstly starting with the Raw White-Out Bleach Kit. Seeing now I cannot find any bad reviews on it, but yours was the most descriptive on the results. I was thinking about using HT's other dyes..but I have also not fared well on internet ratings for it..stupid HT..^-^ continue being amazing! And thanks for making another persons life easier!


6:01 PM  
Blogger Emily Rose Campbell said...

I used MP Cotton Candy Pink cause I had seen some good reviews on it. I applied as I would anyother MP dye. However it did not come out evenly and faided before I even washed my hair again. As where the other colors I have used will late about 2 weeks before I need to reaply. It is in my belief that the pigments used in pale pink are just not as concetrated or heavy duty as other colors. If you want it to last I suggest HotHotPink and mixing it with some tonner to lighten it. Maybe I'll do that next time.

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Jewls dragon said...

I used that excat color with great results, on my phone atm but its in my profile pix on it lasted 2 months for me, I lightened my hair to almost white before hand and I naturally have black hair. Not sure what went wrong for u but I loved it, missed it so much as I type I have cotton candy pink by I think manic panic which I was never a fan of but the were out of raw compleatly. Hoping ur hair is better. O and reason I dont care for manic panic was I dyed my hair green and it lasted less than a week but I do take blame too, I prob didnt leave it on long enough, lol

9:59 PM  

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