Friday, December 09, 2005

John Lennon Vs. Pearl Harbor

Both pictures were used without permission as usual, but clearly not for profit

[BTW: If you didn't already know, Lennon won.]

I was surfing blogs today...and actually taking the time to read and poke around some of them. I almost never stop to read the ones that involve soldiering, war or anything of that nature. It's not that I discredit these people's lives. They're human and they have just as much right to their free-will and opinions as I have to mine. They can do as they please, I just choose not to get involved.

I just don't find them very interesting. It's not just a bored thing though. Generally, I have nothing in common with these types of people. I could read these blogs, but what would be the point? I figure, I don't read their blogs and I certainly wouldn't expect them to read mine.

Anyway, I was surfing and came upon this blog that shall remain nameless, and the latest post was basically the blogger pissing and moaning about the fact that yesterday was Pearl Harbor Day and it was barely recognized on the news even, but that John Lennon's life and death were all over the place it having been the 25th anniversary of his murder and all. This blogger wondered how we could so easily blow off such an important piece of American History.

I have an answer...

It's not relevant to anyone anymore.

It personally has no effect on my life as I know it. I could study it, in depth, but it's way too late to change what happened. At 26, Pearl Harbor was already long passed history by the time I was brought into the world. I am literally not even old enough to have a real-life opinion on the Reagan presidency and I was alive for that. Was I expected to take a moment and say a prayer or something for the people who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor, something that happened more than thirty-five years before I was even an idea in my parents heads?

I'm a Beatles/Lennon fan. I can listen to this music any day of the week. The death of John Lennon is more relevant to me.

Don't get me wrong, I knew it was Pearl Harbor Day and I understand what the attack on Pearl Harbor meant to this country. I did pass U.S. History. We, as a country though have just been through so much and continue to be involved in so much since then. Not to mention everything going down now with Iraq and terrorism and all that.

Honestly, I think the doom of today is more significant. Also, I did not watch any Lennon coverage.

In the end, neither one of these things, Lennon's untimely death at the end of a madman's gun or the attack on Pearl Harbor are really so relevant to me. I'm so young, both could literally just be pages in a history book and to many young people they are. As mentioned earlier, Pearl Harbor was more than thirty-five years before I was born and when Lennon died I was just a baby or toddler as it were. And with the way school systems are run so poorly these days, to people younger than I am Pearl Harbor in reality, is really nothing more than a really long movie starring Hollywood hot-stuffs Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett.

It might be sad, but not everthing can be remembered as it maybe should be forever and thus is the reason we have books and even make sure whatever it is, is not completely forgotten forever.

If we tried to remember and take the time to give as much admiration as we possibly all could, the world would stand still in the present, surrounded, blocked in by the past and the future would either never be or it would be a mess because no one would be paying attention to see what was coming ahead. A world so wrapped up in the past that it can't even see ahead to the future is not very appealing to me as a young person with a whole life ahead of her to fill.

Anyway, I thought I might leave a comment about this very thing. However, when I read the comments that would have been previous to the one I was about to leave, I found that said blogger was not the only one freaking out about the small amount of time offered to remember Pearl Harbor day smooshed in around documentaries about John 'Give Peace a Chance' Lennon.

I quickly decided to leave the blog and blog myself without leaving a comment afterall.

In conclusion, the world is big and fills more with brand new souls everyday. BloggerX and Co., if you are reading this, you know who you are, I think you might have to just let this one go. Stressing over something like this will only shorten your future.


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