Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend Chaos Wrapped!

So, hubby came home from Indiana on Friday, like he was supposed to. I pulled the 'If you love me you'll bring me donuts!' which he did (1/2 dozen Boston Creme). He also brought pizza.

Anyway, he decided that we should spend Saturday painting the living room, well, finishing the primer which I started like a zillion and one years ago and never quite got around to finishing. This is all fine and good, except I had been waiting on him to give me some sort of input on colors and such since everything I had already done to the living room was known to merely be temporary (It's a good thing he married a seamtress). We did not paint anything on Saturday.

Instead, first thing in the morning I was paying bills and asked him to call and get the balance on his credit card. He opens his wallet to find it missing and realized that the woman at Pizza Hut never gave it back to him. So, we left the house, got the new truck washed and returned to 'The Hut' to retrieve said credit card, which was like pulling teeth. Then we finished the X-mas shopping, which involved my purchasing Eminem's 'Curtain Call' for both myself and my brother and many, many pairs of knee socks which had been clearanced at Target. I love knee socks! After that, we went out for a late lunch with Miss Maddy and her mommy (Shortleash had just gotten up and was way too grumpy to get in the truck, so we left him to fend for himself).

During this meal, I busted a tooth on a cottage fry and had to give up on eating. Sucks! There was a wiggly chuck of my tooth that was stabbing me in the tongue and making it hard for me to even talk. We came home and I managed to knock it off, so I could speak proper again. Now, I have much agonizing dental work in my future!

We got Jezebelle to finally be happy, wearing her new coat...

Hubby once again declared there should be painting, but it was too late to start that so we decided to deal with it Sunday. Once again, I got up, and there was no painting. Instead, there was more argument about color schemes (Hubby is very anti-green). This left us with me sitting at the PC cursing and him relocating to the kitchen to rope caulk the kitchen window.

I decided we should go to the fabric store for inspiration, thinking this would make everything easier. I went into the kitchen and asked, "Do you want to go to the fabric store?", not realizing what I had done really. The very words 'FABRIC STORE' are like Kryptonite to the male of the species and they caused hubby to go mental to the point he couldn't even formulate sentences. It was the most man thing ever! We started over, I spoke slower and he agreed to go to the fabric store.

In the mean time, we had managed to live-trap one of the feral cats that runs around the neighborhood. This sucked cause the cat was really pissed and the humane society wasn't open. So the little bugger is upstairs in one of the very empty bedrooms.

We left for the fabric store and get there and they were having a massive sale on uhpolstery fabrics. Excellent! I got fabric for new slip-covers for my furniture and accent fabric for pillows and such. Plus, I got it for a qaurter of the actual price. Even more excellent especially since I needed something like 25 yards of fabric for the slip-covers and that could get really expensive, and it matches the already existing 9X12 area rugs it took forever to find in red and my groovy, red curtains. And we've now decided that the walls will be cream colored! [The plaid is for accent pillows and the floral is for the actual slip-covers.]

At the fabic store, hubby soon realized he was way out-numbered when I was talking to some other women about the struggle to decorate the living room. Hubby declared he was just happy to come home and find the place not burned down. This caused my disposable allies to give him snarly glances. We booked due to hubby's fear of estrogen overload.

I then unilaterally decided that we should go to Goodwill to poke around for stuff. I didn't really expect too much argument from hubby seeing as how he's still being punished for buying a new truck in another state without getting permission or even letting me know first.

We went and I got a very cool curio cabinet and many skirts. The skirts were an after-thought really cause it was blue-tag sale day and I had just bought all those knee socks. I did get BEG the Pat Benetar skirt that we always look at when we go to Hot Topics. And I got it for $1.39, which is way better than the $80 it is at HT. And on top of that it's brand new with the tags and extra buttons still on it!

Then we came home and I attempted to finally do the dishes (we were out of plates and down to tiny forks being the only silverware left in the drawer), which are the bain of my very existance. The kitchen faucet was broken though and no water came out. So, hubby spent a good portion of the rest of the night going out for parts and fixing it. After that I cooked dinner (BBQ boneless chicken, garlic butter noodles, mashed potatoes, corn and dinner rolls). And then we camped out to watch Nat'l Lampoons X-mas Vacation, on DVD not the chopped crap that was on post Bush (I think NBC playing it was just a ploy to get people to watch G-Dub).

I was entirely too lazy by the time the movie was over to deal with the dinner left-overs, so this was my way about it...

Plus, was fiddling with photoshop...but I think this was Thursday I did this. Still cool though! Enjoy!


Blogger Callen Damornen said...

Such an adorable dog! Great blog.

The Right Left

11:22 AM  
Blogger Black Eyed Gurl said...

I dig the fabric and the groovy curio cabinet. It kinda reminds me of a coffin. Also Buzzy belle does not look so pleased in that photo. She looks downright ticked off. Though I think purple is definately her color.

10:24 AM  

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