Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Saw the Light...

And it hurt my eyes!

New glasses, and of course what's left of the terrible pink hair.

So, after putting it off for like six years or so, I finally got around to getting new glasses (as seen above). I know, I slack. Anyone I know can tell you this. There's always something more entertaining to do that get an eye exam and pick out new spectacles.

Here's how it went...Hubby got up on Saturday morning and shortly after, he decided he was going to do the dishes. I had no problem with this since I hate washing dishes. It's like the bane of my existence.

He walked into the kitchen and ran into the kitchen table. After that he proceeded to throw down his badly scratched two year old glasses and went on a tyrade about how we were both getting new glasses and that was going to be the end of that. I found this behavior quite adorable since he is usually not this decisive.

So, we set out to get eye exams and glasses. This did not go well. Apparently everyone wants to do these two things around this time of the year and no one had openings in their schedules...not even Walmart. We ended up at Stein Optical in Kenosha (Like a 30 minute drive from where we live), but they only had one open appointment, not that they seemed to have any other customers the entire time we were there, except for one guy who just came in to pick out new glasses. Anyway, hubby insisted that I take the appointment since my glasses were older and because he had dragged me into this anyway.

I thought that he should take it since his glasses, although only two years old and he is technically right on schedule so far as glasses are concerned. Let's just say that my six year old glasses and their plastic sunglasses clip faired quite a lot better with only two small scratches which were not even in my line of sight than his two year old glasses. You couldn't even see through his that's how bad they were scratched up. This was followed by a brief argument and then my eye exam, which was technically incomplete because one of their machines was broken.

New sunglasses, which are a cranberry color, not that you can tell in the picture.

My eyes actually improved, which is why my old glasses had recently started to bother me. So I picked out new glasses and sunglasses, which I just picked up this morning. Yes, I know this is not good Valentine's Day activity, but whatever. I'm boycotting this year I think. And will apparently spend the rest of the day adjusting to my new lenses since they are quite a bit different than the old prescription.

I also did some other shopping and errands, like picking up the first season of 'Grey's Anatomy' which came out on DVD today and was on sale at Walmart. I've literally only seen the last two eps and find the show to be rather involving...much like LOST. So I had to know what went on in the first season since I'm all sucked in by Dr. McDreamy now.


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The photos aren't working cupcake head!!!

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Never mind, I just suck. Lo-oking Good!!!

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