Thursday, February 23, 2006

Space: Junkie & Beyond...

And Perhaps Pusher...

So, yesterday I went out to fetch stuff like a pack mule (the truck was full and I had to haul everything by myself) and was also in search of non-residue window cling sheets for the printer. I couldn't seem to find them anywhere. Is no one carrying this sort of thing anymore? The ones currently in the windows to break the sunlight don't match the room anymore and it's really got me buggin'!

I tried Target, Wal-mart (where they were purchased last time, a year ago and where I got to spend some time with the old folks Wednesday patrol...the stores are theirs until the bus loads 'em back up!) and came up with nothing. I got back into the car with my stuffs, most of which I hadn't intended to buy, but then again a girl like me can never just walk past a rack of new hoodies and not buy at least three. I sat in the truck and smoked a cigarette trying to think of other places I might be able to get the window cling sheets. It took a while for me to formulate that Best Buy should be my next destination (I hadn't been there in a while), but luckily there were some good tunes on the radio...which leads to the first trauma, or second if we're counting the lack of window-cling stuff...

I pull out of the parking lot and was rockin' out to the radio and then suddenly there were sirens...

Yes, folks. I was pulled over...again. The funny part of this was that I was essentially pulled over becuase I was rockin' out too hard (Apparently this is suspicious behavior at 11 am on a Wednesday morning...I assume the loudness of my steroe was just preventing him from enjoying his donuts!). For this I reasoned that when the radio plays something like It's the End of the World as We Know It (This was then followed by Weezer's Beverly Hills), one must crank it up, sing loud and off-key and rock hardcore! Mr. Officer man was not amused. I thought it was awefully hilarious that I had been pulled over for rockin' hard...on my way to Best Buy...where I could just fill the car with music and rock even harder. I was let go with a this has never happened before!

So, I get to Best Buy (a store I should never be allowed in alone with a checkbook/credit card under any circumstances. I go in for the most innocent reason, but once I get inside something always derails me and I end up losing my mind) and it was like a ghost being like 11 am on a Wednesday morning and all. There, I found that they now only sell photo paper and regular printer paper (this would be where the derailing comes in). The bastards!

Following tradition, I lost my mind and started poking around. Just me and the boys in the Sci-fi DVD section and then me and the boys in Sci-Fi TV on DVD section. Literally, it was me and like five boys between the ages of 18 and 22 traveling about the DVD section like a pack of gypsies. There was plenty of chatting, and giggling (on my part...this is why boys like me...I have actul evidence of this...I'm always so happy!) and also many recommendations.

I ended up with 'Space: Above and Beyond' the complete series, all 23 episodes in my hand. I was just looking at it, but then again, got derailed when one of the boys finally managed to locate what he was looking for and we all had to do a happy dance and praise the Best Buy and their merchandise. Then I bid farewell to the boys and moved along with my Best Buy experience and with 'Space: Above and Beyond' still in my hand.

I picked up a couple other things ('Dead Like Me' seasons 1 & 2 and the movie Kingdom of Heaven 'cause lets face it, I'll watch just about anything Orlando Bloom shows up in. He could do a cameo at the local DMV and I'd get in line) and ended up, accidentally also purchasing 'Space: Aboce and Beyond' a show which I knew nothing about (seeing as how it was on in 1995/1996. I was younger then and had better things to do with my free time) but was highly recommended by the boy sqaud I was wandering with.

I literally didn't even realize I had it until I got home (a path that was driven proper and just above the speed limit with the radio at a decent volume as to avoid getting stopped again). I carried all my shit in and was looking through the stuff got from Best Buy it being the most important bag and all and bright yellow. And there it was...taunting me.

Watch me! Watch me! Watch me! Shirk responsiblity and just stick me in the DVD player (if you can find a's pretty full). I refrained though.

Instead, I e-mailed BEG, my sci-fi geek girl guru to ask her if she'd seen it or if she even knew anything about it. She was the same age as me when it was on so I wasn't sure...but then again, she is my sci-fi geek girl guru. She is the one responsible for my 'Firefly/Serenity' addiction and mostly anything Joss Whedon has layed his golden fingers upon (maybe we should just worship JW instead of JP...but then again, JP does travel with a baseball bat...I don't imagine Joss does).

She got back to me basically telling me she had never heard anything about it and I should probably just return it and get my money back. I was still unsure and left the box of DVDs on the coffee table to taunt me for the rest of the afternoon.

I tried to work on our own sci-fi TV show...a work in progress and now temporarily hindered by my coming and going writer's block and sudden urge to check out 1995/1996's version of scace via 'Space: Above and Beyond'. What a day, filled with tiring resistance and then complete and utter surrender to the box which contained all 23 episodes...

So, I started watching...and didn't stop for the whole first side of the disc. By the end of side A, which had the first four hours of the show, I had realized a few things...It was 1995/ a cheesey thing back then, so most of the actual space action is one big cracker and spread fest...tastey though. Also, the show seemed to be some kind of space soap opera (this is bad for a girl who loves sci-fi and whom was recently put back in touch with the going-ons of 'General Hospital' since they have now gotten to the end all be all of perfect GH coupling...Sonny Corinthos and Emily Bowen Quartermaine!) and I will watch just about anything that involves sexual tension between a brooder with a serious chip on his shoulder and strong convictions and a chick with her own special issues (Hence the Sonny Corinthos/Emily Qaurtermain thing and my love for 'Firefly')!

At this point, I was completely sucked in and had to forgo my issues with the cheese of space and future and had to flip the disc to watch the last two eps of the first disc (Plus, I needed to know if Hawkes was ever gonna nail Vansen). Luckily, flipping the disc for me really only means that I had to push a button on the remote and wait for it to start...but the time seemed endless, waiting to find out what the hell will become of Vansen (Kristen Cloke, famed by playing Ms. Lewton in the first of the three Final Destination movies), West (I have never seen this guy before...must not be getting too much work these days) and Hawkes (Rodney Rowland...completely adorable). But then it finally started and I was once again appeased by space drama (I swear, in the future, everyone has a chip on their shoulder).

3 Main Characters...West, Vansen and Hawkes. Pic taken from The Wikipedia

This show, for what it was, in the time frame it was made was brilliant. They're fightin' all the time against two different enemies. They have a traitor to his own kind in their midst, brainwashed for what he is. And this really adorable, feisty guy...

Roddy Rowland...hmmm!

Where is this guy hiding now? He definitely needs more work. I bet he's even tastier now that he's had time to age another decade. I swear, if our show ever pans out, we're gettin' this guy even if I gotta write a special part just for him so he can yell and be feisty and shady and buck the system! Wooo!

So, it seems there isn't a spacey show I can't pass up. I'm a junkie. But I suppose there are worse things on I could be addicted to than sci-fi. American Idol comes to mind, but thank JP, I have little or no interest in other than the initial auditions 'cause I like to watch people suffer. It makes me laugh. And then there is the notion I have to fuck Simon Cowell just to see what he'd say afterwards (yes, I am that brave).

Later, I will resume my tour of 1995/1996's idea of the year 2063 and all it's dramatic and sketchy goodness. And I will also try to fight BEG's urge to run out and purchase Farscape (this is a show I haven't gotten into yet, but seems she loves it).

And soon, when I see BEG, I will play the part of pusher. Oh, yeah, girl, it's my turn. So get ready! Hubby isn't gonna be safe from this one either!


Blogger Eric said...

Getting a warning is fortunate. I know officers who never give warnings so that they cannot be accused of either a) pulling someone over for no reason, or b) citing folks of a certain race, sex, age, etc., more than others.

10:51 PM  
Blogger Biognome said...

Where are these police when your neighbors are driving down the otherwise quiet street in their pimpmobile at 2 AM, and their 15" woofers are shaking the plates in your kitchen? Glad to hear you just had a warning.

9:10 AM  

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