Monday, March 13, 2006

Isn't It Ironic?

[No actual Alanis is required for this post...thankfully!]

So, I was all pepped up for some more ghost-hunting, especially since the whole 'Ring' thing (see Light Distortion, a couple posts ago). I busted out the camera to take some new pictures about the house just to see if anything suspicious showed up, ready to write a new post, a sequel to the last ghost-hunting post. I start snapping pics around the living room and low and behold...


It started making all sorts of noise, and I looked at the pic and the screen was all locked up. Then it started beeping and turned itself off. I was like 'Oh great! The ghosts have killed the camera!'

I poked at it for a while, trying to get it turn back on. Also there were some choice words said about the people at Olympus, although I know the camera is like 3 years old and could probably be replaced, but I haven't found one I like yet and am toying with the notion of getting a video cam or at least on that does both video and stills (current cam only does 7 minutes of video with no sound). Also, very few days go by when I don't use the camera for something.

So, I popped the batteries and put them back, trying to turn it on again. I got the same beping and the same turning itself off again. Popped the batteries and tried a few more times. This didn't really help, except for around the fourth time, the screen said CARD ERROR, but all flashy-like.

I pulled the card, and put it back. Ooh, this seemed to change things. The camera even let me take a picture...And then it started beeping again and turned itself off!

It was basically decided that the card was fried. Couldn't even read from it (Goodbye 168 pictures still on that card). Ironic, once again, that I was hunting for ghosts when this happened.

You know what though? If there are ghosts, they are too old to know anything about Office Depot, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. And as a girl who cannot apparently be without the digital camera, I ran out and bought a new card yesterday.

Digi-cam is all better and works like a dream again. Clearly I win this round! 'CASPER' can bite me!


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