Friday, March 03, 2006

Donuts, Tax Credits and The Pope...

It's all about assorted goodness...

So, we'll start this post by saying that Wednesday night, I went into the kitchen for some leftover beef stew (I really wanted donuts, but there was a small issue of hubby having not come home yet, due to his having locked his truck inside the shop while changing his oil) and in trying to get a spoon out of the silverware drawer, I broke the kitchen. I reached in and pulled the drawer handle, and pulled the entire front of the drawer right off. This was disturbing. Apparently I don't know my own strength. I also apparently didn't know how important the front of the silverware drawer is the the silverware drawer. It's pretty necessary, especially when it comes to actually keeping the silverware and utensils in the drawer.

On a strange note though, as soon as the drawer broke, the oven seemed to start functioning like a real oven and not one that has been off in temperature by just over one hundred degrees since we moved in here. Can't figure that one out, but then again, the house may or may not be clearly, we have our problems as assorted as they may be.

So, instead of donuts, there was leftover stew and bread. This was already getting a little old, but regardless, I settled in and watched the rest of season 2 'Arrested Developement' (Hilarious!) and then started watching season 2 'Dead Like Me' on DVD, while waiting to see if hubby would ever manage to free the truck and come home. This went on 'til damned near midnight, which for a Wednesday, was pretty late, but he and the truck did return home safely (with the oil changed) and understandably, this had already not been the typical Wednesday.

So, yesterday, I did practically nothing. Well, I did stuff but it was stupid shit like laundry and other assorted cleaning. Still wanted the donuts though. Hubby called and was all "What do you want to do tonite?" At this question, I had to consider the mostly nothing I had been doing already and how that seemed to be working out quite well for me. I did want to watch Walk The Line though having bought the DVD on Tuesday. He called me back again a little later asking a whole bunch of questions about the museum and their hours. I found this a little strange until I figured out why he was asking.

A couple weeks ago when BEG and Wendi were down, BEG and I were discussing going to the museum because their having a showing of Pope stuff, Pope memorabilia throughout the ages if you will. Hubby basically just spent the entire time laughing and mocking us for even thinking we were gonna do this. There was also some argument from him about how we would just go to mock and make asses of ourselves, how we would not take it seriously. He just thinks me, my cohorts, and our crazy schemes are retarded...not in a silly kind of way either. Like he literally stops and takes the time to consider how competent we are. And if not that, at the very least, he resigns to our simply being female...the gender from which this sort of behavior is to be expected. Hubby only finds us entertaining about 10% of the time.

And then this last Friday night when we were fighting, the topic of what we are not calling "The Pope Show" came up again...basically in the same manner of we would misbehave and act like retards when everyone else would be their for real reasons. I'm sorry if we think Pope is hilarious and mockable. It doesn't mean we can't be interested.

So, this is why he was asking me about the museum. He decided we should go this coming Sunday. I was acting like an asshole throwing all the shit he'd been giving me about it back at him. This inspired him to sing Marylin Manson's 'Dope Show', but in a very "We're all stars the Pope Show" kind of way. And he's worried we'll mock!

The third time he called, I declared he better bring me donuts! And not just donuts, Dunkin Donuts of the non-powdered sugar, jelly variety and it better be quick! You don't mess with a girl when she wants a donut...or anything else for that matter! He said he'd bring them, but that he had to stop by formerly mullet-headed tax woman to get the tax shit. I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to wait a bit longer for the tasty, jelly goodness.

The fourth time he called was to rant and rave because Tax Woman made a four thousand dollar mistake on the taxes. He was irrate and I probably would have been too, but then again, I was fixated on the theory that donuts were coming my way.

You see, we live in a historic home. I've mentioned this before. When we were planning for the new roof we found out about the historic home state tax credit shit. It was a long and trying process, but everything was approved to get the credit which was like 25% of the cost. The roof went up and we paid the bill (please keep in mind a 6,000 square foot house does NOT have a small amount of roofing and literally it could have been worse with some of the estimates we got). Tax Woman apparently put the credit in wrong. She put it through as a federal credit when it should have been a state credit, since our house is not used for profit and it came back as a $250 credit as opposed to the three to four grand we were expecting.

Hubby got home...without the donuts (damn him!) and furiously scoured the internet looking for the info Tax Woman wanted proof of to fix it. Everything was sorted out, hubby calmed down and I even went easy on him for the lack of donuts. I only made a couple of snarky comments along the lines of "A donut would sure be good ride about now". He got the point and knew he's done me wrong.

So, we watched Walk The Line. It was wonderful. I'm a big Johnny Cash fan so it was like Christmas for me. Plus, Reese and Joaquin were excellent as they usually are. I have yet to find a movie in which either of them suck even the remotest bit.

After the movie, I declared to hubby that I had told BEG I would go up to her house for her birthday. I know this is still a month away, but he needs to be warned early and repeatedly. He was all, "Is she gonna come down for the pope thing?" I figured she wouldn't if he wanted to go this weekend, but I told him I'd ask. He then decided that maybe we should wait to go until she does come down. Whatever. This only really ended up spurring him to suggest that I fly up to her house for her birthday.

This is the dumbest idea I've ever heard seeing as how it cost about $100 in gas and about four hours of time. He looked on Expedia though.

There was actually a $587 roundtrip from Milwaukee to Wausau (and back of course) which took nine hours because literally the plane would just keep hopping back and forth over Lake Michigan, kaing stops during the flight. Like I said, this was the dumbest idea ever, but he's always right their with the money trying (although he barely ever succeeds) to make my life a little easier! BTW: If you are someone who gets on this are stupid and you deserve to have your time and money wasted...I hope you get motion sickness and have to try to puke in one of those little in-flight, paper vomit sacks! There was some more lack of donut harassment and then we were off to bed.

Hubby woke me up this morning to tell me he loved me and to kiss me goodbye, which while still half asleep, I don't respond to so well. I'm not a morning person and please don't wake me up to tell me something I already know...but this is our morning ritual. He tells me he loves me and that he's going to work...I mumble back, sometimes not even remembering I did it, that I love him too and to be careful.

This morning however, after the usual bullshit and with him back on his way out of the bedroom, I myself, still half asleep, yelled, "Bring me donuts!" really loud. This caused him to come back, laughing at me. I was like, "At least I said I love you and to be careful before I yelled about the donuts!"

I better get some friggin' donuts tonight!


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Blogger Black Eyed Gurl said...

HJey, I checked with Midwest and if you leave Thrusday and stay through Monday you can get a round trip ticket for $158.03. Check their website. Midwest and Northwest are really the ony airlines that servce us. Hehe I just said service.

If you end up flying let me know and I'll give you my miles number so you can contribute to the 'Adrianna's never ever going anywhere' fund.

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