Thursday, May 25, 2006


The writer of this blog has been stricken with Spring Fever. She is feisty, her brain is lost and she is unable to sit still long enough to write a long-winded post about anything, and even if she could, it would be further delayed by her constantly looking out the windows to her right, out into the sunny world around her. This may also involve her leaping from her desk chair to dive out said window as any pre-thought of 'door' wouldn't be thought of quick enough. It's seventy two degrees, the sun is shining. Said blogger will return though. This is Wisconsin and good weather never lasts for as long as one would like. We are expecting rain later tonite, so maybe said blogger will finally be able to slow down long enough to finish at least one of many started and abandoned posts/drafts just sitting in the bin mocking her. Until then, said blogger will be starting and abandoning many other projects she feels are urgently goddamned important at the time or possibly taking photos of 'Final Battle Mal' and 'Not Fade Away Angel' riding around on extraneous My Little Ponies and battling the evil, stinky monkey kitch (not to be confused with John Madden's Itchy Monkey).


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