Monday, June 12, 2006

Final Battle Mal & Not Fade Away Angel Part 2...

So, here is the long-awaited sequel. Sorry it took so long, but I went on vacay.

Mal and Angel hide in the woods (which is really just a fake plant in my dining room) waiting for when they will strike...

And finally, the schoolbus they were seeking arrives (I'm 27 with no children...I own a Fisher Price
Little People with it). Time to strike down the wicked non-symboled My Little Pony...

Angel jumps in with some real cool Matrix style moves while Mal takes a more subtle approach with his gun...

Mal: "Give up this bus, pony!"

Pony: "Ahhh! Captain Tightpants!"

"Pony, I will riddle you with holes!"

Angel: "Did you have to stop so the bushwhoolie could cross?"

Mal: "There are pedestrian laws!"

Angel: "Since when are you about the law?"

Mal: "Fine! He's adorable and we can't go around killin' everything!"

Angel: "This is just like the evil rubber duck!"

Mal: "The duck is NOT evil and neither is the bushwhoolie!"

Angel: "You wanna cuddle him too?"

Mal: "Grrr arrgh."

And finally, Mal and Angel take a lesson on getting along from their good friend The Piv and they hug it out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Mal would a totally pulled out his pistol and had some cheesy old western line to ward off Angel...but very amusing and

8:14 PM  

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